Bhanuka Rajapaksa:
‘We Are Not The Underdogs Anymore, We Want To Win Asia Cup 2022’

India vs Sri Lanka Cricket Bhanuka Rajapaksa
Bhanuka Rajapaksa

Bhanuka Rajapaksa: “We wanted to prove a point” and “bring smiles to the faces” as Sri Lanka fight through “trouble” at home game. Bhanuka Rajapaksa scored 17 to help Sri Lanka took a dramatic lead & to victory against India. 

Sri Lanka guaranteed their spot in the Asia Cup final by defeating India, a dramatic victory. However, India came close once more but was unable to break the Dubai curse on first teams batting.

We Wanted Prove To The World They are Wrong Bhanuka Rajapaksa (Sri Lanka):

Bhanuka Rajapaksa

“After the statements, we have made, we are not underdogs anymore. We have proved that … We were the underdogs from the time we came to the UAE.

We all know how good Pakistan and India are good on their day. All we wanted was to prove a point to the world. Especially to our nation. With all the crisis, this is the only thing we could do to bring a smile to their faces.” 

Bhanuka Rajapaksa also discussed the significance of the toss in Dubai matches. “UAE has a record of chasing and winning in the night games. 95% of teams are chasing wins. I won’t say it got easier but the start gave us momentum. We kept on with the run rate that’s why it became easier. 

We Want To Win The Title: Bhanuka Rajapaksa

Bhanuka Rajapaksa

According to Bhanuka Rajapaksa; Sri Lanka has confident that they can win the Asia Cup 2022. “We want to win the title. We are pretty confident, we are backing our team .. if a couple of players come to form, we have a good chance of clinching the title.” 

Rajapaksa also said how the team were intent to make up for the “Shame” of getting beating out for 105 against Bangladesh.

“It was embarrassing. We are not a team to be all out for 105. We wanted to prove a point and I think we have done. We have made a statement to ourselves and to the world. 

“This is a young team, playing together for the last two years has improved our confidence. The belief in the team is different from what it was 2 years back.”  

According to Bhanuka Rajapaksa, the group wishes to relive the finest moments from the past. 

“A couple of decades back we had a brand and we want to rebuild that brand now,” Rajapaksa said. 

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