How much would have Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘Cuttputlli’ earned at the box office?

Cuttputlli Akshay Kumar box office

Since the start of the pandemic, we came up with multiple articles wherein we asked trade experts how much the digital films would have earned at the box office had there been no lockdown and had these films been released in cinemas. After a tremendous response to each of our stories, we are now back with the similar exercise.

Cuttputlli Akshay Kumar box office

How much would have Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘Cuttputlli’ earned at the box office? 

Cuttputlli Akshay Kumar box office

NOTE – The box office data presented is for India box office only

This time, we speak about the Akshay Kumar-starrer Cuttputlli. It’s the story of a sharp cop who’s on a mission to catch a notorious serial killer, who targets young schoolgirls.

Directed by Ranjit M Tewari, it also starred Rakul Preet Singh, Chandrachur Singh and Hrishitaa Bhatt. For several months, there were reports that the thriller would be out on digital directly. Around mid-August, the makers revealed that Cuttputlli will be out on Disney+ Hotstar. It was finally released on September 2, 2022.

Probable Theatrical Box Office Lifetime: Rs. 30 to 35 crores

If Cuttputlli had been released in cinemas, it would have taken a poor-to-average start. Akshay Kumar’s presence would have helped to some extent.

However, due to the flawed climax and a little niche appeal, its business would have been restricted.

Trade Verdict:

Taran Adarsh said, “I liked Cuttputlli in parts. Also, Cuttputlli came just three weeks after Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan, though it was released for OTT. Yet, for an A-lister, it leads to overexposure.

In six and a half months, he has had four releases – Bachchhan Paandey, Samrat Prithviraj, Raksha Bandhan and Cuttputlli. Akshay is a great entertainer, without a doubt. But fatigue comes in when you have so many releases in such a short span of time.

And this would happen to any actor today. I can understand that the pandemic has pushed the world. Yet, it’s important to space out your releases.”

He added, “Even Shah Rukh Khan is coming up with three releases next year – Pathaan, Jawan and Dunki. However, there’s at least a gap of nearly six months. Akshay, meanwhile, has released four films in six months.”

The trade veteran also said, “Cuttputlli would have got affected in theatres as it was his fourth film in a very short span. Also, the film’s culmination is not upto the mark. Certain moments were very good. But overall, the film could have been better.”

Cuttputlli Akshay Kumar box office

When asked if it was a smart move to release the film directly on an OTT platform, he replied, “I guess. The theatres have opened now. The producers took the gutsy move of releasing Bellbottom (2021) in theatres when Maharashtra was shut. But when the theatres now are running with 100% occupancy, the film has been released on digital. So, this question can best be answered by the Bhagnanis.”

Trade analyst Atul Mohan thundered, “There were no production values. The United Kingdom was passed off as Himachal Pradesh and audiences could see through it. The climax was not convincing. It was of Crime Patrol level. Also, we have seen much better thrillers on OTT. Songs also didn’t work.” He also remarked, “Akshay’s last film, Raksha Bandhan, was a far, far better film.”

As for its lifetime business, Atul Mohan stated, “The film would have struggled to reach Rs. 25-30 crores. Bachchhan Paandey was commercial. At least, it was a timepass film. Cuttputlli was a suspense film, and this genre is tricky. Every thriller doesn’t work in cinemas.” He agreed that it was a good decision by the makers of skipping a theatrical release.

Finally, Girish Johar, producer and film business analyst, said, “It would have been another dud for Akshay Kumar. The makers very smartly released it on OTT. The traction of the film was very bad. Even the feedback and reviews were not upto the mark.”

He signed off by saying, “The way the box office is ruthless right now for bad films, the film’s lifetime would have been under Rs. 30 crores.”

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