Vikram Rathour Assert That Visible Shift Has Been Made, India is Ready to Play Aggressive in ICC T20 World Cup 2022

Vikram Rathour

Vikram Rathour; batting coach for the Men In Blue said that adapting to the Australian weather & conditions will be the biggest challenge for India National Cricket Team in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022.

T20 World Cup 2022

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 is scheduled to kick off on October 16 for the group stage round, this will be the eighth edition of the multi-nation tournament. The Super 12 round will commence on October 22 and the summit clash is set to take place on November 13 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Melbourne Cricket Ground 2

Rathour Speaking at a press conference ahead of the South Africa T20Is, he said:

“We are close to the World Cup; we have been I think playing pretty good cricket as far as the team is concerned. But still, there are areas that we are looking to improve.

That goes for batting, bowling as well as fielding. So, we are focusing on all three departments and working hard with the players and I think playing in Australia will be very different to what we have been playing so far. Adapting to those conditions will be the biggest challenge.”

Team India are looking to make improvements in all three departments prior to the marquee tournament.

Vikram Rathour asserted that there has been a visible shift in the approach of the Indian batters since the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 and now they are playing more aggressive cricket.

Vikram Rathour

“Definitely depends on the surface that we are playing on. But when you say that we haven’t been able to put up scores, I don’t agree with that. Batting first was one of the concerns but since the last T20 world cup we have been putting par or plus par scores every time we have batted first. So, I don’t think that is an issue,” Rathour said.

“There is a visible shift in the way we have been batting. The approach has changed a bit. We are actually being more aggressive when we are in there. We are I think playing with better strike rates and more intent and I think that is pretty evident since the last World Cup. We have been able to put par or above par scores,” he added.

Vikram Rathour: We are Looking to Get Better at Defending Targets

Vikram Rathour further talked about the bowling unit of the Indian team and said that they are “looking to get better at defending targets”.

“We are working on that area. We are looking to get better at defending targets. To be fair to our bowlers, toss has played a vital role everywhere we have played. There’s been due, so it’s easier to chase. I wouldn’t be too hard on my bowlers.

If you see they have been able to push the match till the last over every time when we are looking to defend. One ball here and there but we have been doing pretty well. Obviously, this is one area we are trying to get better and hopefully, we will get better,” Rathour said.

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