Deltin Casino Deltin Royale / Deltin7 Online don’t go to GOA

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Deltin Casino Deltin Royale / Deltin7 Online don’t go to GOA

Deltin casino with its state-of-the-art floating casinos, land-based casinos and 5-star hotels promises an ideal mix of entertainment and hospitality, reflecting luxury and innovative lifestyles that match some of the best in the world.

Deltin, owned by Delta Corp Ltd. has redefined the country’s gaming and hospitality services by creating a holistic and unparalleled entertainment experience. From luxurious suites to spectacular gaming rooms, intimate lounges and ultra-relaxing spa services, Deltin has created a niche premium experience at each of their exquisite properties in Goa, Daman, Sikkim and Nepal.

Deltin Group has three offshore casinos, two land based casinos and one 5-star hotel in Goa. A luxurious 5-star resort with a proposed casino (subject to regulatory approval) in Daman, two more land-based casinos, one each in Sikkim and Nepal.


Delta Corp Limited (Delta Corp) is the only listed Gaming & Hospitality company in India. Deltin Goa Delta Corp’s major portfolio of assets consisting of offshore casinos, land-based casinos and hospitality services come under the banner of Deltin Casinos & Hotels.

Delta Corp has secured a leadership position in the industry with its early mover advantage. In addition, Delta Corp has also ventured into the fast-growing online gaming space through the acquisition of Gauss Networks Private Limited, which operates the online site and significant investments in other gaming portals.

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How to reach deltin casino online?

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