Happy 2022 Daily Bonus

Daily Bonus

Daily Bonus 2022

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Daily Bonus: For a Happy New 2022 Year to come, Deltin 7 Club would like to invite you to celebrate with us by collecting this little gift every day!

We know that 2021 hasn’t been easy, but we will support you whenever you need us.

Remember to check your mission diary to get your bonus every day!

Action 1 : Deposit over 5,000 inr, get 50 inr.

Action 2 : Deposit over 10,000 inr, get 100 inr.

Action 3 : Deposit over 200,000 inr, get 2,000 inr.

Action 4 : Deposit over 500,000 inr, get 5,000 inr.

Action 5 : Deposit over 1000,000 inr, get 10,000 inr.

You get bonus together when you complete an action.

Example: Complete action 4, get bonus for action 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Please note, each action can only be claimed once. The bonus is only 1 time turnover.

💰💰Once you are qualified, the system will review and deliver your bonus into account automatically.🌠🌠

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